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The Thusong Service Centre (formerly Multi-Purpose Community Centre /MPCC) programme of government, was initiated in 1999 as a primary vehicle for the implementation of development communication and information, to integrate government services into primarily-rural communities. This was done to address historical, social and economic factors which limited access to information, services and participation by citizens, as they had to travel long distances to access these services. Read more...


Mapodile Thusong Service Centre explored once again



October 2014
Delegation of Glencore International based in Switzerland Head Quarters, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Zambia and South Africa Glencore visited Mapodile Thusong Service Centre on 01 October.

Deputy Minister of Communications to launch Thusong Success Stories Booklet

September 2014
Thusong Service Centres provide opportunities for people to develop and progress towards a better life through access to information and services.

Minister of Communications, Ms Faith Muthambi launches Thusong Service Centre Focus Week

September 2014
In support of Public Service Month, the 15-19 September 2014 was declared as the Thusong Service Centre focus week.


Thusong Service Centres takes service delivery to the next level

September 2014
As the country celebrates Public Service Month, Thusong Service Centres are in the spotlight as they are celebrating 15 years of uninterrupted services. Mapodile Thusong Service centre, which has 17 service providers, was the host today of a 2014 Annual Thusong Service Centre Week event.

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