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» Brief background
» What are Thusong Service Centres?
» Benefits
» Establishment process

Benefits of Thusong Service Centres

Communities get services which they were unable to obtain in the past, and participate in activities that allow for two-way communication between the government and the people. A Thusong Service Centre is also a base from where information products and services are sent out to all parts of the district.

Similarly, Thusong Service Centres link communities to the government’s distribution network of publications and products about government programmes and activities. Community participation events, campaigns, exhibition and roadshows at Thusong Service Centres provide communities with information they can use to improve their lives and develop the community.

Some specific benefits to communities include the following:

  • Local economic development
  • Integrated service delivery in line with requirements of the Municipal System Act
  • Improvement in infrastructural development
  • Education and skills development, ABET, government programmes
  • Access to information and services closer to where people live
  • Access to technology: Telecentres provide access to Batho Pele Gateway and computer training; PIT machines.
  • Platform for partnerships which empower communities through, for example, sustainable projects that encourage ownership and self-employment, as well as employment of others.
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