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» What are Thusong Service Centres?
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What are Thusong Service Centres?

A Thusong Service Centre is a one-stop service centre providing information and services to communities, through the development communication approach, in an integrated manner. These centres provide a hub of activities and a variety of services, organised according to the Six-Block Service Model. The model reflects an "ideal" Thusong Service Centre. Since community needs are the driving factor in service provision, this model is modified to suit the context and environment of each Thusong Service Centre.

The Six-Block Service Model

1. Government social and administrative services

  • Grants
  • Personal documents
  • Housing applications

2. Office services

  • Phone, fax, scan, copy, print
  • Desktop publishing
  • Postal Services

3. Education and skills development services

  • Adult Basic Education and Training
  • Further Education and Training
  • Specialised training

4. Local Economic Development (LED) services

  • Small business advice and development

5. Business services and community opportunities

  • Small, medium and micro enterprises
  • Other private-sector services such as retail and ATMs

6. Information and communication activities

  • Government information and on-site guidance regarding services
  • Community information and awareness

Strategic Objectives

The objectives of the Thusong Service Centre Programme are directly linked to the strategy of the programme:

  • To bring government information and services closer to the people to promote access to opportunities as a basis for improved livelihoods
  • To promote cost-effective, integrated, efficient and sustainable service provision to better serve the needs of citizens
  • To build sustainable partnerships with government, business and civil society
  • To create a platform for greater dialogue between citizens and government.

Mandate: policy and legislation

Government’s mandate and approach to Thusong Service Centres are aligned to a number of policies. The concept of development communication is promoted in these policies, giving ample space to interface between government and citizens so as to facilitate access and progress at a local level:

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