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Visit to Archie Gumede Thusong Service Centre – KZN


The centre is regarded as the best case study in the province offering full access to government services and information to the people. In a month approximately, 13918 people visit the centre for services.

The Thusong is under Sizakala community centres, which is managed and maintained by the Metro. There is an e-library with free Wi-Fi, internet connection and other services, a soup kitchen proving food to less privilege people every day, a youth centre funded by Department of Social Development offering among other things basic computer skills to young people, convene awareness campaigns as per government’s calendar of events, and in process of offering basic music lessons to young people.

A clinic with all services, which conducts do door to door visits providing primary health care services and information regarding issues of health in the community of Clermont, schools visit conducting health awareness campaigns, services such as speech, occupational and physio therapy are also offered at the clinic.

In addition, the centre has a school for mentally disturbed children.  

Departments available: Among others



Dept of health


Dept of Justice

All Municipal services

Computer centre


Dept of Home Affairs

Dept of Labour

Youth centre

Youth centre

Citizens receiving services from SASSA offices

E-library at the centre with free Wi-Fi

Music studio underway, which will provide basic music lessons to young and old and Community members queuing to receive food, as part of the poverty alleviation project at the centre




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