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Beaufort West Thusong Service Centre loses manager to a car accident


July 2012

adonis_project colin_adonis the_children
The Poverty Soup Kitchen Relief project that Mr Adonis saw its implementation.
The late Colins Adonis in front of the Beaufort West Thusong Service Centre.
The food project helps the destitute

The Beaufort West Thusong Service Centre lost its manager, Mr Colin Adonis on 22 July to a tragic car accident.

Mr Adonis will be buried on Saturday 04 August at his home town of Hopetown. The memorial service was also held in his hunour at Beaufort West on Thursday 26 July.

Mr Colin Adonis assumed the role of a Centre Manager on the 02nd of March 2009 having worked at the Advice Office as a Trade Unionist at Hope Town, Northern Cape Province.

Biography of Mr Colin Adonis
Mr Colin Adonis was part of the team that established the Upper Karoo Advice and Development Agency in 2004. His work at the agency was in the form of a master trainer, programme manager and acting director. He was also the former coordinator of the Beaufort West Advice and Development Centre from 01 May 2008 to 28 February 2009 and has helped the community of Beaufort West in tremendous ways.

Having this strong development background, Mr Adonis applied his knowledge and experiences to enhance the centre to become the government's one stop service centre in the community.

In his own words, Mr Adonis always said: "I'm very humbled to be provided with the opportunity to work at the Beaufort West Thusong Centre." He had many ideas that he brought to the table to help the centre grow to its fullest. He was well known for his great ways of bringing development to better the lives of the people.

Projects implemented at the centre by the late Colin Adonis

a. Poverty Relief Soup Kitchen Programme

As part of it being the one stop services center where people can get help, The Beaufort West Thusong Service Centre had started a Poverty Relief Soup Kitchen project to provide on a weekly basis a cooked meal to the people that are living outside of Beaufort West in isolated areas like Vaalkoppies, Steen Oonde and the Krale. He played a strategic role in the successful implementation of the project.

Every Wednesdays and Sundays, the cooked meals are taken out to the destitute families to ensure that they have something to eat as most of them earn very less.

The project was made possible through an R 5000 donation from First National Bank from Beaufort West to start the project back in August 2009.
b. The project created 500 job opportunities through the R3, 6 Million Job Creation project by the Independent Development Trust (IDT).

b. R3, 6 Million Job Creation project by the IDT

This was an EPWP2 program in partnership with various stakeholders such as municipalities, schools, churches to create job opportunities for unemployed youth and members of the community to relief poverty. Through this programme, the Beaufort West Thusong Service Centre had created 500 job opportunities.

c. R 200 000 for the Implementation of a Farm Workers Financial Literacy Programme

Colin Adonis played a strategic role in ensuring that the Beaufort West Advice and Development Centre secured funding in the tune of R 200 000 from the Department of Agriculture to conduct financial literacy workshops on farm workers in the Central Karoo.

The Beaufort West Advice and Development Office with the help of the Centre Manager applied for funding at the Department of Agriculture to secure a farm workers development program in the Central Karoo. The Advice Office was then awarded with an amount of R 200 000 for this financial year to conduct financial literacy workshops in the district.

The objective of the workshop will be to facilitate the creation of awareness amongst farm workers about consumer related manners and the various forms of consumer protection available to them. The Advice Office will work closely with all the relevant stakeholders to raise the levels of financial literacy amongst farm workers and to prevent them from becoming trapped in unnecessary debt and financial exploitation which we believe is a direct course of poverty.

Farm workers will be capacitated in terms of financial literacy and saving activities. The overall focus of the workshop will be centered on budgeting and saving. Financial literacy workshops will take place within the month of October to March 2013.

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