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Thusong development initiatives beneficiary testimonies

Mbangwane Thusong Service Centre: Mpumalanga

1. Vukani Bo Mame project beneficiaries voices


“We are thankful to government for what it is doing through the Thusong Service Centre programme, which gives us a platform to transform our lives for better.”

Olga Singwane: “I am very thankful because today my daughter is at school in Witbank. I am paying for her fees, rent and groceries through this money we are making in the project.” Lizzy Mahlalela: “This project changed my life. Today, I have two children that are in university, the other one is doing her final year in the University of KwaZulu-Natal and the other one is doing first year now. I am very much grateful for the opportunities like these in our lives.

2. Walala Wasala – Sewing project beneficiaries Mbangwane Thusong

Wasala   Wasala   Wasala

Magamedi Johana and Kelley Nakala

Walala Wasala specialises with sewing school and church uniforms, and also curtains. Through the centre manager, the organisation has created working relations with schools in the area, where they place orders for their learners. We are very thankful for the opportunities given by Mbangwane Thusong Service Centre.

Dobby Advisory Computer Training Centre

Dobby   Dobby   Dobby

Thabisile Mashawane, a facilitator and beneficiary who started in 2014: “I did my computer lessons here at Matambo/Dobby centre. I was trained here and after completion I went for further training at Matsamo also here in the Thusong Service Centre so that I get the accredited certificate. While finalising my course at Matsamo, an advert came from Matimba learning centre looking for a facilitator. I stood the gap that was there and applied and to my surprise I got the post that I applied for. Currently, I am teaching basic computer and how to use the Internet.

Queen Madikwane, also a facilitator alluded the fact that the Thusong Service Centre is there has been a million blessings in their lives because today she finds herself being a skillful and qualified facilitator through initiatives such as Matambo/Dobby centre. She mentioned with a smile in her face saying: “I have gained so much knowledge in this place, not only the knowledge of teaching or facilitating but also the way of handling people, the love of people and how you treat people with dignity and respect regardless of their ages.”

3. The Centre Manager: Mr Mabuza


This is the centre whose people are filled with passion, commitment, eager to improve people’s lives for a better nation. The engine behind the success of this centre is an ordinary South African citizen like you and me. Mr Mabuza, the centre manager of Mbangwane Thusong Service Centre, says my advantage for making this centre work is that, I have love and passion for the community of Mbangwane and surroundings. I was born and bred here and I understand the struggles and challenges that this community is faced with. I fought during the liberation of our people, participated in developing community structures working with non-governmental organisations, community-based organisations, being a counsellor and during all the roles that I have served the community. I learnt that there are so many people who are suffering and I needed to find ways to assist. To survive in this environment, you must have love for your community and you must be driven with passion to see and be part of the change you want.

4. Relela Thusong – Limpopo


Mpho Letsie – Head Chef: “I did this because I did not want to stay at home and feel sorry for myself because my main aim is to shape my future through taking a step. Thank you government of South Africa.”

5. Colesberg Thusong Service Centre – Northern Cape


Mbulelo Kafi from Colesberg said: “Colesberg Thusong Service Centre is the brain child of Sakhisizwe Tours. It is a strategic platform that allowed my business idea to materialise through variety of stakeholders or service-delivery departments in the centre that came together and assisted with their services for me to push my vision forward. The GCIS Office in the centre played a very big role assisting me with coordination and facilitation of other stakeholder buy-in. Today, I am flying the flag of the Northern Cape high because of the presence of Colesberg Thusong Service Centre.”

6. Mokwakwaila Thusong - Limpopo

Gogo Mahlogo is 105 years old and is from Malipa village. “I thank government through the information sessions and outreach activites that they conduct at the centre. It enabled me to become aware of my old-age grant privileges from SASSA. Now, with this extra Grant in Aid, I am able to go to the pharmacy and get extra medication for my health and also to assist the person looking after me. We are really thankful of the Thusong Service Centre in Mokwakwaila because before it was not easy for us to get our pension, one had to travel as far as Tzaneen, which is about 140 km. We thank government of our country.”

7. Tholulwazi Thusong Service Centre – Leandra Mpumalanga

Tholulwazi   Tholulwazi

Computer centre skills development initiative

“My name is Sifiso Shongwe and I facilitate basic computer training at Tholulwazi Thusong Service Centre. Government is doing a lot by bringing these facilities where people are and we are very grateful for the opportunities given to us and as a result, I have been able to start my recruitment agency: ON POINT Supplier & Outsourcing. I thank the support of the Thusong Service Centre programme, coordinators and centre managers.”

8. Maponya Mall Thusong - Gauteng

Maponya   Maponya

Tlabu and Tebogo Glass & Aluminium

“Let me express my gratitude to what government is doing through the Thusong Service Centres. At first I was caught up in this perception that government servants are very mean and are not helping people when they seek help. I have knocked on many different doors but without any success. But one day I decided to go to Maponya Mall Thusong Service Centre and visited the National Youth Development Agency office and that was the day doors were opened for my business to take off.”

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